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jis s15c properties

Brands: Shanghai Katalor
Transport: By bulk or Containers;
Supply ability : 3000 metric tons/ month;
Payment terms : L/C, T/T;

Katalor have jis s15c properties suppliers and manufacturer ,if you need jis s15c properties price and specification ,please contact us.


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    JIS G4051 S15C round bar. JIS G4051 S15C owns low carbon element, which decides S15C round bar has lower strength,but toughness,weldability,cold punching press properties are good. Because of the properties limited, JIS G4051 S15C round bar can only be used to produce parts that bears small load and requires high toughness.

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    S15C is a kind of mechanical structure carbon steel, S15C often used in the manufacture of stamping parts and carburized parts, such as stamping products, sleeve, enamel products, automobile shell and wear-resisting, high strength.

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    2. Steel strips generally have directional properties. As products with a rolled finish in particular have strong directional properties, it is better to avoid bending parallel to the rolling direction. It is therefore necessary to think of a layout that will ensure that the bending direction is perpendicular or cross to the rolling direction. 3.

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    S45C JIS G 4051 (Japan) Standards JIS G 4051 Carbon steels for machine structural use Chemical composition C 0.42 - 0.48 Si 0.15 - 0.35 Mn 0.6 - 0.9 P < 0.03 S < 0.035 Cr < 0.2 Ni < 0.2 Cu < 0.3 Fe Rest Ni + Cr < 0.35 Properties By JIS G 4051

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