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bicycle aluminum alloy wheels

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Katalor have bicycle aluminum alloy wheels suppliers and manufacturer ,if you need bicycle aluminum alloy wheels price and specification ,please contact us.


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    Steel has been the standard for cheap bikes for a very long time. Weight is a prime factor, as noted above. In addition, steel rusts.... If you go to someplace where lots of bikes are parked outside for any length of time, like the university where I work, you can pick out the cheap bikes instantly by the nasty rust that starts forming with great speed. Really cheap bikes have as much steel as possible; even the wheel hubs and such will be made of that material.
    Best answer
    Steel makes for a heavier rim; the modern-box section design works well for taking advantage of aluminum's lower density. Furthermore, since steel will rust, the rims are typically chrome-plated. The chrome plating makes rim brakes almost useless in the wet, which is exacerbated by the poor pads used on most of the classic bikes that shipped with steel wheels. In contrast, steel rims are almost indestructible - they can be bent out of shape and re-bent repeatedly and will wear much longer than aluminum rims. As far as your specific case, many older bike-boom era bicycles were built with "Schwinn"-sized wheels, ISO 590 or ISO 597, both labeled as 26 x 1 3/8". As far as I know no manufacturer makes aluminum rims in that size, so finding a replacement wheel for an older bike usually means either getting new brakes and converting it to a modern size (ISO 559 or ISO 584) or finding an old wheel that's not too beat up. The latter is usually pretty easy, cheap bikes ship with steel wheels that are often simply discarded.
    Others have answered the second part "what are the differences..." Here's an answer for the first part "why not many at the dump" In in my city 2015 light grade clean steel is worth $0.02/kg. Aluminium extrusion is worth $1.83/kg. Brass like nipples is $3-$4/kg and stainless steel is about $0.90/kg. Recycling metal pays money, but I'm not going to drag a whole ton of steel there for $2 profit. So plain steel goes in the city recycling bin, and the rest goes in sorted barrels for a yearly trip to the metal man's yard.
    Well, Al will be lighter, and I think I read somewhere that steel rims get really slick when wet (this is assuming that you are using rim brakes).
    sillyyak is right. The weight of wheels makes a big difference. I've had (in the distant past) scary moments when not able to stop as fast as I'd like when braking on steel when it is wet. I notice a huge improvement in stopping in the rain on aluminum. On bike forums ( http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-449632.html ) everyone says aluminum is superior for weight and in the rain: Alu wheels are a major, major improvement you can make to an old bike for not much cost. Better braking, especially in rain, and much lighter and faster. Used to be, steel wheels were much cheaper to make than alu ones. Nowadays, all wheels (basically) are alu, so even cheap alu ones will be a lot better than what you've got. and so does this girl: http://simplybike.wordpress.com/2010/09/29/steel-vs-aluminum-wheels/ on rainy days, it makes a world of a difference. This is what has brought me to ride the aluminum wheeled Grand Prix to work more often – it can stop quickly and efficiently in the rain. The steel rims do stop, but it sometimes is difficult to come to a complete stop on wet roads, and it feels more like a slowing down than a breaking. I squeeze on the brakes as hard as I can and the bike still rolls forward a little more than it should. The roadbike with the aluminum wheels, by comparison, presents no such problem. Breaking with the aluminum wheels on wet roads feels much like it does on dry roads.
    It's been my experience, rehabbing bikes for "Christmas Anonymous" and other charities, that steel wheels do not maintain "true" as well as aluminum wheels. (I've no ideas why this is the case, but I've definitely seen it.) Beyond that, steel does not brake as well with rim brakes. And, of course, aluminum is apt to be "siphoned off" for separate recycling as a higher value metal.
    Steel wheels are heavy, cheaply made, single wall construction only, not very durable, usually out of round even when new. Most steel wheels are built with hubs that only accept freewheels not cassettes. Most commonly found on department store bicycles. Aluminum wheels are stronger, especially "double-wall" construction, lighter and more round. They are commonly used on "bike shop" bike brands and come in an array of configurations and sizes. They are more expensive but well worth it in the long run.
    Steel will never fatigue if stressed to less than 40% of its Ultimate Tensile Strength; aluminium fatigues at any stress level, provided the stress be cyclic. Aluminium rims depend on the rims being discarded for other reasons before they crack up. For more information, check MIL-HDBK-5 "Metallic Materials and Elements for Aerospace Vehicle Structures" (edition G is easiest). Older bikes are built to last longer or indefinitely with relatively little maintenance...
    OK, there is a lot of hearsay ... Points to consider 1) There is more than one type of steel. Steels with varying elasticity and tensile strength, yield strength, failure limits, hardness, toughness can be made. The same is true for aluminium. 2) Steel was bad as a wheel material because caliper braking systems in wet weather would not work properly. Aluminium wheel rims did not lose friction so much in these conditions. 3) Aluminium wheels are popular, light, easy to manufacture and obtain. They are probably more developed than steel counterparts because there is a market. 4) Elasticity does not mean weakness. Why would structural engineers build skyscrapers from steel girders? A material with high elasticity can bend or deform to a different shape under extreme stress and still return to its original shape. (Aluminium is classically less elastic than steel and fails earlier under extreme stress). I'm not sure about the actual properties of the aluminium used, but I'd be surprised if it was more rigid than the most rigid steel. (more like a coke can)
    Many good answers with varied pros of aluminum. One more point here: Steel is a flexible material and can lose it's shape easily. If you ride with low pressure (not inflated) your rim will bend almost immediately. On the other hand if aluminum rim will be damaged, it can't be repaired.
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